Philip Buchan


1978 – 2000 Commercial Fishing Industry. 2000 – Present Offshore Industry.

a) Purse Siene
b) Pair Trawling
c) Trolling
d) Drift Netting
e) Hand Lining
a) Pair Trawl
b) Single Trawl
c) Twin Rig
d) Siene Netting
e) Prawn Single Trawl
f) Prawn Twin Rig
g) Crab/ Lobster Static Traps
h) Hand Lining
i) Trammel Netting

Areas Fished
UK National waters – Coast to 200 miles (North Atlantic, North Sea,
English Channel, Irish Sea) Norwegian Waters, French Coast).
From the beaches down to 900 meters water depth.

Main Target Fish

Pelagic –
Mackerel, Herring (milk fish), Tuna, Sprats, Anchovy, Horse Mackerel and Swordfish.

Demersal –
Cod, Haddock, Coley, Whiting, Monkfish, Hake, White ling, Blue ling
Black Scabbard, Grenadier (Emperor Fish), Oceanic Red Fish, Flat fish,
Rays, Catfish, Salmon, Black Halibut.

Positions Held
Pelagic – Deckhand, Engineer, Chief Engineer.
(As Chief Engineer, responsible for all vessel technical aspects, plus fish
Loading, Fish preservation and quality from sea to market).
Demersal – Deckhand, Net man, Engineer, Chief Engineer, Mate, Skipper.
(As Skipper responsible for vessel operations, find/ catch fish, operate
Computerised 3 winch systems, adjust fishing equipment as required.

Fishing Qualifications
Mate —- Unlimited Area (International).
Chief Engineer — Unlimited Area
Skipper —- Inside UK National waters (200 mile Limit)

Highly experienced in net / equipment repairs, rigging and operation, fish
Handling, Fish storage / preservation, Man management, Trouble shooting.
Manufacture of static crab / Lobster traps, Lines, Nets.
Mid 90’s – co-author in a scientific white paper on deep sea fishing, which
Was published in New Zealand.
Analysis and use of sea and ocean current, tide, temperature, sea bed type,
And Lunar movements.

Quinette Mursau


2011 – 2013 Commercial Fishing Industry.
2013 – 2017 Education.
2017 – Present Shipping Industry.

Work Experience Fishing Industry
RD Tuna Canners LTD – Documents Control Centre – Quality Assurance.
Food Safety Quality Management
Implementation and practical system maintenance.
Records control
Maintain Documentation.

Master’s Degree in International Business and Organisation (Indonesia University).
Bachelor Degree in PNG Studies and International Relations (PNG).
Internal Auditor Certificate (Lloyds Register UK).
Currently studying UK National Executive Board of Occupational Health and Safety-
‘NEBOSH’ International General Certificate. (UK)