Outline Project Plan

Year 1 – 2 Research and Assessment:

1. Fishing Techniques currently used
2. Present Catch levels
3. Present Marketing
4. Fishing Equipment currently used
5. Sea produce current preservation technics
Gather and Compute Fish/ Prawn/ Crab/ Lobster Information:
1. Types caught
2. When caught
3. Where caught
4. Yearly migrations
Research Available Oceanographic, Seabed and cross reference
With available lunar information– assess and study. (Ongoing)

Year 2 – 10+ Implement Modernising, Education:

Including but not limited to –
1. Improving existing catch preservation methods/ technics
2. Introducing new fishing equipment
3. Teaching manufacture and repair of modern fishing
4. Teaching technics on using fishing equipment to maximise
efficiency and catch quality
5. Educating on sustainability and conservation
6. Research and develop new marketing possibilities
7. Input to fisheries policing and controls
8. Input to source and supply equipment and materials
9. Input to infrastructure, marketing and logistics

The Eco Fishing project equates with the UN 2030 Sustainable
Development Goals, – supporting the idea of developing
The above project is initially aimed at inshore fisheries, but an
offshore fisheries project is also possible, running after the
initial phase of the inshore one, and running concurrent thereafter.